How To Use Guest Blogging Correctly

Blogs are one of the most important tools in search engine optimization. They’re a great way to build up content and get your name out there. Pretty much everyone understands the potential power of blogs but many people don’t know how to properly unleash that power. One of the most important blogging methods to learn about is guest posting. Writing good material for blogs can be a lot of work. This is especially true after a decent amount of time spent blogging on the same topic. Eventually it gets harder and harder ideas to come up with original ideas. A time comes when you just wish that someone else would write something for you. Thanks to best SEO company services there have been plenty of people eager to write that sort of material in the past.

Guest posting used to seem like a perfect solution to this problem. Blogs got new content, guest writers got links to boost their site. It was a win-win situation. The problem was that like with other aspects of SEO people began to focus on the links more than the content itself. Lots of low quality posts were popping up that had nothing to do with the site they were posted on. The site owners and writers were benefiting, but not the readers. So Google started to crack down on this sort of thing.

This doesn’t mean that guest blogging has died out. Far from it. There have always been guest bloggers and there always will be. The key is quality and relevance. If a post has those two things then everyone wins in the end. When you write with the user in mind instead of just thinking about pagerank you’ll be much more likely to succeed with Google in the end. If you have a blog only accept guest posts from people who will provide your readers with helpful material. This isn’t just about the quality of writing and information, it’s also about relevance. If you run a mortgage site then the greatest article written on baseball will still be unhelpful to your site’s user base. It will also look suspicious to Google because of the unnatural nature of how the article relates to your site.

If you are a writer you should only seek out guest blogging opportunities with sites that are related to yours. Also make sure that you have something of value to offer before approaching a site owner. Finally, make sure that you only write for quality sites. A site that looks spammy will only hurt your site if you get a link from it. You don’t want to waste time building links that you’ll only have to remove later. The ideal for guest blogging should be a great blog and a great guest blogger coming together to provide readers with an enhanced experience. It should not be about filling up websites with pages and pages of law quality articles that are not connected in any meaningful way. Get to know the bloggers working in your niche. Read their work, find their contact info and ask yourself if you have anything to offer them. If you feel you do then reach out to them with a specific offer. If you’ve really got something special to offer then eventually you’ll find someone who will appreciate your help.